Illustrations for Al-Adab

Some illustrations i did lately for al-adab magazine (issue of 9-10 2009).

This first illustration is on Zionist education and the denial of the Arab suffering (Author Fawzi Al-Asmar)

raedcharaf - adabmag - zionisteducation

A sojourn into dictatorship. Although the author was invited by the president, he wasn’t taken seriously at the airport and was locked by the security officers in a strange room (Author Faysal Jalloul)

raedcharaf - adabmag - dictatorshipsojourn

Al-Muqtataf is a newspaper of scientific vulgarization. It was issued in the end 19th century and aimed at fighting colonialism by spreading the knowledge of domination to the dominated (Author Nadia Bou Ali)

raedcharaf - adabmag - almuqtataf

A text/conference on Edward Said, colonialism, the holocaust and the Nakba (Author Samah Idriss)

raedcharaf - adabmag - edwardsaidholocaustnakba


7 thoughts on “Illustrations for Al-Adab

  1. Great illustrations khayye.. BTW Inta w BJ have a way of drawing kids!!! One of a kind! (in ur cases, 2 of a kind(s) )

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